5 things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is Denmarks crown jewel located on the islands of Zealand and Amager. Its known for its colorful coastal buildings and vibrant artistic community. Nordic vacations are quickly growing in popularity and there’s no better place to get started than finding the right hotel for your stay. The most luxurious of which is hands-down the Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen Center, which has been labeled “Hotel of the Year” by several well known publications over the last few years. With an exterior that looks like a palace and five star services, it’s the hotel that treats each and every guest like royalty. The most easily recognized tourist residence in the city is definitely the AC Hotel Bella Sky. Its architectural style is, to say the least, unique. With walls that fan out at the top and curved white marble walls, it’s easily the most distinct building in the Copenhagen skyline.

AC also features incredible modern room that, while compact, offer an incredible level of comfort and view that can’t be beat. Whichever hotel you decide to stay at, be sure that you sample the local cuisine. Denmark’s signature meal is a delicious open-faced sandwich called smorrebrod. Sourdough rye bread topped with eggs, smoked salmon, radishes various other toppings, it’s a dish that you simply must try while you’re in the city. When you’re done with your main-course, treat yourself to a mouth-watering hindbaersnitter; a raspberry pastry bar that’s sure to be one of the best parts of your trip. When you’re in Copenhagen, be sure to check out Nyhavn, a 17th century waterfront that’s home to the city’s thriving entertainment district. if your looking for some games to play in the evening you can always hit the ball breaker arena to do some bowling, golfing (remember the glove), video gaming or just some airhockey.

Live music, festivals, food carts and fun events are happening on a constant basis on the harbor. If you want to be right in the middle of things, we recommend a stay at 71, Nyhavn’s premier hotel and a bastion of nightlife and activity. Scandinavia is a truly wondrous region that attracts millions of tourists and no city shines brighter than Copenhagen. It’s simply a city that world travelers can’t afford to miss.